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NCAL (National Creators Athletics League) is where competition meets content. We are recreating the intramural leagues of colleges, for the influencer scene of LA.

The unbundling of major sports leagues shows the unbundling of old community saps. People are not satisfied with the experience the NFL or NCAA provides anymore. By integrating unique games, obstacle courses, we maximize entertainment. You will be able to watch the behind-the-scenes of NCAL employees creating and setting up games out of an LA mansion. $NCAL Token holders will have exclusive rights to voting on new games and pitching ideas for new competitions for the league of influencers and celebrities to compete in.

NCAL is the birthchild of Flic (link to https://Flic.global), a social media app releasing Dec 26th which focuses on long format vertical content. Future NCAL games will be live-streamed exclusively on Flic.

NCAL is working to produce player-card NFT’s for all celebrity and influencer players, as well as $NCAL token where holders will get the chance to be flown out and play in the league.

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